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Bringing the Sacred Back to Women – Community Drum Ceremony

United States > phoenix > 12861 north 8th ave, phoenix, az 85029 > 2014-02-14 > 07:30 pm

About The Event

The Full Moon ceremony symbolizes the end of a chapter, shining the light on the things we no longer need to hold on to and illuminating the emergence of our essential being, calling, passions. Drum circles can create a community spirit and a sense of belonging within a group of folks. Everyone participating becomes an important part of the dynamic and adds their way, enhancing the overall rhythms and sound of the songs. In this collective rhythm, each member becomes connected until essentially there is the sense that all are one. The experience illustrates that the whole is greater than separate parts, or, in this case, all the individual drummers and, as a result, each drummer can experience the joy of working together with others to create a powerful and entrancing sound experience that fills the space and the soul. But what does this work with rhythm have to do with our world today? Learning in rhythm is a good training for life, complete with its unpredictability and chaos. The rhythm in the sacred circle reflects our life. We encounter the same difficulties: trying too hard, needing to be perfect, fear of making mistakes. As we find our own way in circle we can relax some of these habits of mind and open to our joy that comes from deep within. It is a process, a journey, an exploration. Drumming connects us to the rhythms of earth and grounds our intentions. The drum circle is a sacred ceremony of honoring all relatives ~ honoring the wisdom of the four directions and the nature of the four elements, the four seasons. For many of us who walk planet earth today, we have become disconnected to mother earth, the cycles of the seasons and the rhythm of our natural world. As many of us awaken to a desire, coming from deep within, to live a more harmonious life, we seek rituals, ceremonies and circles that create the space for us to connect. The drum ceremonies provide us with an opportunity to experience sacred space.

About The Organization

PeaceWalkers of The FUSION Foundation

Peace Walkers Sangha | Tiospaya vision is to connect thousands of dedicated people serving both small and large local and global as Ambassadors of Peace in our Beloved Community, being the front line in a profound movement toward lasting peace. We believe that peace is an "inside-out job," and so our primary focus is to create lasting peace in our own lives, knowing that the natural result will be peace in the world.

Peace Walkers create opportunities for people from all walks of life to connect to the energy of the Great Mystery and experience the power of the drum as we build community. Peace Walkers create space to make drumming, and self-directed and self-empowered healing accessible to others.
Peace Walkers medicine wheel drum circle ceremony recognizes the four directions—east, south, west, north—as spiritual Powers that hold insight for balance and healing. The ceremony generally has four rounds, with drumming by all participants with guidance from the mother drum and the leader allowing the energy of each direction in each round to come into the circle to facilitate prayers and healing. It has been described as a purification ceremony under the seven star sisters.”

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