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Belly Dance From the Heart

United States > Sutherlin > Sutherlin Senior Center, 202 E. Central Ave. Sutherlin, OR 97479 > 2015-02-14 > 07:00

About The Event

This is a belly dance fundraiser show to help raise awareness and raise money for the cause of helping women overcome violence and sexual assault. Each dancer has been touched by violence either personally or through a loved one, and each of us will be an example of how women can survive and thrive! Our dances will be dedicated to the empowerment of all women!

About The Organization

Mystical Oasis Dance Company

Mystical Oasis Dance Company is a belly dance troupe celebrating their 15th year of sisterhood and spreading the joy of being women as they dance together, have fun together and support each other in overcoming life obstacles.

About The Organizer

Mezdulene Bliss

Mezdulene helps women overcome fear. She does this by teaching women the sacred art of belly dance and helping them get comfortable in their skin, gain confidence and self-esteem and get in touch with their divine feminine essence.
Being a survivor of childhood violence and sexual assault, she was disabled by fear and is now an example of empowerment as she travels nationally to teach Divine Feminine Belly Dance. She is also a Reiki master, minister and Shaman.
Mezdulene believes that fear holds us back and holds us down. It keeps us small, it keeps us sad and it keeps us separated from who we really are. She has helped hundreds of women conquer their fears and find inner peace and joy as well as the ability to express their own individual essence and bring more love into the world.

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