1 Billion Rising Events

Artwork competition against violence on women

Russia > Grozny > Kolcova 103 > 2014-02-14 > 03:00 pm

About The Event

The women's organization "Women for development" was planning an artwork competition for the "One Billion Rising For Justice" in Grozny, Russia. The competition is about expressing young girls and artists against violence on women. Especially in Chechenya nowadays it is an actual problem in the society. For us it is important to help them to develop themselves to stronger women and more education.

About The Organization

Women for development

“Women for Development” was founded in November 2002 with the only aim to assist women suffered during the war in Chechnya. We decided to create organization because after collapse of Soviet Union and after hard 10years of Chechen war the Chechen difficult archaic traditions and radical religious norms were reanimated. Women lost their rights. There were nobody who worked in this area here, so “Women for Development” was the first to establish a women’s rehabilitation centre in Chechnya. We founded our organization because we have seen that women suffered and they didn’t know how to protect themselves. Women needed effective legal knowledge, psychological support to regain their confidence and strong advocates who would stand up for them in society and defend their interests. Our mission is to form more perfect society where men and women have the equal rights and possibilities. We want to change entrenched patriarchal attitudes and overcome gender stereotypes that discriminate against women, to strengthen the socioeconomic status of women: to strengthen women’s decision making at home and in public life. We want to end violence against women. We work to increase women’s opportunities in the labor market, education and business. Our activities promote women’s rights through open discussions, round tables, public events with government representatives, opinion leaders on the most urgent gender issues in Chechen society. To make women more confident and to change gender stereotypes we inform women on their rights and opportunities. With this knowledge they can address to courts to protect their rights: succession rights, right to bring up children after divorce. We strengthen women with consultative support for creating business projects to make women more economic independent. We provide psychological help for victims of violence and make preventative activities against violence through group and individual work with women of different ages.

About The Organizer

Laila Kadieva

Trainer of human rights and coordinator of projects for the legal education of young women. My work is to train young girls in leadership skills and work hard with them on women’s issues in Chechnya. I am also trying to discuss with them the concept of the humanitarian life style which I prefer and support through the youth network against racism and intolerance. In Spring 2012 I was the coordinator and an expert on gender relations project "personal and legal strengthening of girls high school student in rural schools and INC (collective centers). Since summer 2012 I am the social worker in the project "groups of development of young girls ". I was honored to be a part of a youth project for young girls in Chechenya. Now I am helping girls in finding out who they are, teaching them human rights and how to solve everyday conflicts and problems. Actually I am a member of the Youth Human Rights Movement in Russia and also an active member of the Youth Network against Racism and Intolerance. A lot of times I organized and still organize trainings for tolerance and peace in my community. Last year I also wrote and realized a peace building project in Chechenya for youth.

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