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Barrio Rising: Abrazar a la Primaria Beall

United States > EL PASO > Beall Elementary School, 320 S. Piedras > 2019-02-14 > 04:00 pm

About The Event

ABRAZAR A LA PRIMARIA BEALL EPISD disrupts education of immigrant, low-income communites Chamizal Families create a human chain around El Corazon del Chamizal On February 14th 2019 gather at 3pm we call to the public to take action at 4pm by creating a human chain around El Corazon del Chamizal, Beall Elementary School, 320 S. Piedras. We will embrace and hold on to Beall because it is in the best interest for Barrio Chamizal children and families! E.P.I.S.D.’s disregard of civil rights continues the tainted legacy of segregation and racism in our community. Children need a community to flourish and Beall represents the best interest for the Chamizal community. As long as the railroad and a metal recycler are located next to Douglass Elementary, programming and bussing will not make the situation better. Any objective educational professional can clearly assess that Beall Elementary is the correct choice for the Chamizal community. Beall Elementary meets all of EPISD’s criteria and all of the criteria. Beall Elementary unifies the community, provides a safe and healthy environment and accessibility, without the need for a bussing expense. Our families already face some of the most difficult hardships, as a dominantly low-income, immigrant community. However, for students and families nothing will improve the environmental conditions at Douglass. The district has not produced the evidence that would suggest that they have done any official studies of the overall air quality and soil conditions that would prove that the students are safe. There is nothing that will repair the damage that lead levels and air pollutants will do to our children. As parents, we know that no one is going to take responsibility for the consequences that this unjust and inconsiderate decision will bring to our children, much less EPISD. It is our duty to continue defending Beall students against placing our children in an unsafe school.

About The Organization

Familias Unidas del Chamizal / La Mujer Obrera

La Mujer Obrera is an internationally acclaimed & award winning, grassroots organization dedicated to development and advocacy in defense and recognition of Mexican migrant women workers’ heritage, rights and contributions since 1981.
La Mujer Obrera began in 1981 by displaced women garment workers seeking to improve the quality of life for low-income Hispanic families and revitalize the former Garment District (Chamizal neighborhood) where many women worked before the loss of 35,000 jobs in that sector. La Mujer Obrera advocates on issues related to the impact of globalization in the economic and social human rights of Mexican immigrant women and their families on the U.S. Mexico border. We are demonstrating the capacity of women workers of Mexican heritage to plan and implement an economic development vision for our community based on basic human needs and rooted in dignity, culture and respect for the earth.

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