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5Rhythms Dance Coolum . Wild at Heart

Australia > COOLUM . SUNSHINE COAST > Coolum Civic Centre > 2017-02-14 > 7-9 pm

About The Event

This is a 5Rhythms Dance event which will be honouring ONE BILLION RISING to strike, rise, and DANCE in solidarity against violence towards women. Dance is an act of revolution, of reclaiming our bodies, and expressing ourselves with passion and freedom! 5Rhythms, created by Gabrielle Roth, is a creative, expressive, and freeing dance practice that generates momentum and aliveness. It is at once meditation, medicine, and a series of maps to ecstasy. It is a shamanic practice that calls us into a deep embodied awakening. By putting the body in motion we heal the psyche and create an opportunity to connect body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit with our full life-force! This month, our dance coincides with the big V-DAY! So I'm calling all the WILD AT HEART to the dance floor. Bring your friends, lovers, sisters, brothers, mothers...anyone to amplify the love with! And if you're feeling more broken hearted than whole hearted, more tender than tempestuous, more tragic than tickled pink... bring it!!!! To dance our way to wholeness, in the holy realm of the heart! We will include the ONE BILLION RISING song and choreography "Break the Chain" but there is no obligation or expectation to know the dance. This experience is too free our own unique expression!

About The Organizer

Honor Morningstar

Honor Morningstar walks a strong path of dance medicine firmly rooted in the 5Rhythms medicine mandala of Gabrielle Roth. This is a profound and multi-layered movement meditation and catalytic conscious dance practice that invokes the rhythms of the natural world. Honor’s work is a convergence of various shamanic teachings and practices from around the world. She is a Ka Huna practitioner of the ancient, sacred, and healing art of Hawaiian massage and bodywork. She is dedicated to the plant and earth medicine healing path, and is blessed to have the opportunity to continue working with teachers, medicine men & women, and shamans from Australia, Canada, Mexico, Chilli, and Peru. Honor’s wild spirited, heartfelt, and compassionate presence invites you into your unique, authentic, and vibrant expression. The premise of Honor’s work is that we are all our own healer.

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