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Dance, Release, Rise! A 1 Billion Rising Ceremony in Marin

United States > Corte Madera > Yoga Tree, 67 Tamal Vista Blvd. > 2014-02-08 > 08:00

About The Event

We invite you to dance your prayers as we join forces to activate a potent field of transformation in support of ending violence and oppression against women and girls. As we connect our hearts and bodies through dance, we are activating a dream for humanity into reality: a field that is deeply healing in mind, body and spirit. As we consciously send this energy outward, we dance for personal and global transformation, supporting the rise of a global feminine rising taking place in every country on earth. Under the guidance of Dancing Freedom facilitator Magalie Bonneau-Marcil and founder of Dancing without Borders, you will be taken on an ecstatic wave through the elements. Come and share your beautiful presence in a warm and sacred space! 7:55pm: Doors open. 8-8:30pm: Yoga 8:30-10:30pm: Dancing Freedom Journey ***Contribution: $12 - $20 Please note that we do not wish to turn anyone away. If you absolutely cannot pay, we would really appreciate your hands in clean up. If you have more to give to help cover others, deep gratitude to you. Consider every dollar a Love note to our community. We greatly appreciate everyone's contribution in building this global field of healing. No dance experience necessary. All are welcome. .:. Dancing Freedom™ .:. Dancing Freedom is a practice of liberation. It is an ecstatic dance practice supporting the emergence of embodied awakening. Of similar resonance as the 5 Rhythms practice, it takes us on a transformative journey through the five elements. It has broad and deep foundations in Buddhism, Deep Ecology, Tantra, Somatic, Shamanism and the New Age.

About The Organization

Dancing Without Borders

Through transformational public dance experience and dance flash Dancing without Borders was born to reclaim the healing and unifying power of free form dance as a ritual, community building and empowerment vehicle. By dancing together with intention and high vibrational music, we ignite our light within, we unite, inspire and empower each other, renew our spirit as a collective. Since its recent birth in August 2011, Dancing without Borders has been getting people from all generations, colors and views to dance together during mass activist gatherings and spontaneously on the streets. I hope you join us in this MOVEment and let's dance!

About The Organizer

Magalie Bonneau-Marcil

Magalie is a dancing freedom facilitator, a social artist, ritualist, a community weaver. She's a life-long student and lover of what's most real, human, divine and alive. her wildest dream: dance the world awake. How? Transform education, activism, community and the art of relating to ourselves, one another and to the earth. What people remember her for: turning the earth into canvas for embodied rituals, bringing thousands of us together to rise for a new earth culture from South Africa, to Rio, Europe and California. Her vehicle: Dancing Without Borders, a project she founded in 2011 from her home in San Francisco.

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