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1Billion Rising Healing Circle and Dance- Dallas

United States > Dallas > Bathhouse Cultural Center White Rock Lake > 2023-02-26 > 01:00 pm

About The Event

In the 10th year of this vital cause, join us as we DANCE CHANGE into BEing while raising the vibration and ending acts of violence, inequality and injustice toward the feminine, women, girls, our earth, and all of creation. ANY action you take makes a PROFOUND difference! 1st please take a few slow breaths and ask yourself, "why am I choosing to RISE?" An answer may come immediately or it may take a little while- sit with it. Then, set an intention so that you ground this important step you are taking. 2nd. I invite you to share our event unattached to outcome. All ages and genders are WELCOME and are vital to this wholistic effort. Sometimes there are things that need to clear for people to RISE. Please know, It inspires people just to receive the message that something like this exists, there is action they can take and when they do, they join with others, globally. Organize with those you reach out to who are ready to RISE. Congratulate them, celebrate and enjoy RISING together. And, if your RISE is solo this year... I CONGRATULATE you. Thank you for being a visionary. You will find kindred spirits at this event. 3rd. Learn our fun and intentional choreography from the link below. Listen to the our music, "Break the Chain," also found in a link below. Please learn the words, so that you can embody them and amplify the power of your intention and energy. 4. Find your version of pink, red, black and/or white that makes you feel empowered and want to DANCE and wear it with confidence and joy to the event. 5. Join us at the greenspace behind the Bathhouse Cultural Center at White Rock Lake beginning at 1pm. There is plenty of parking. We will gather and get to know each other, more about the cause, and explore why we have chosen to RISE. We will honor all that you went through and the courage it took for you to make this choice and take a stand. We will have household materials available to make a sign and feel free to bring materials, if that inspires you. We will review the dance together. Then we will share it at least one time. I would love to be able to film and photograph parts of this so that we can make our own video and use the footage to expand our outreach and impact each year. Once we are complete with our dancing, we will return to the Bathhouse Cultural center and join in our afterglow and share a snack picnic. If you would like to join, please bring a sharable snack and a blanket or towel to sit on. Together, we will create a collaborative vision for what 1Billion Rising can be in world and how we can support that in DFW/North Texas. Please share, invite and if you are inspired in collaborating, promoting and/or developing it, please let us know! If you are not able to participate as much this year as you would like to in coming years, please RSVP so that we can contact you for future possibilities. Reach with any questions or needed conversation. I am creating a new FB page and Group and until it is complete, please use my personal ones provided below. In deep love and gratitude! Heather

About The Organization

Woman's Werk

A Dallas studio, creative space and feminine commUNITY dedicated to inspiring and supporting the feminine in her full freedom, expression and power through the arts with a focus on embodiment, dance, movement, spirituality and transformative education.

About The Organizer

Heather Gream

Hello! I have been facilitating dance and conscious/transformational dance events with a vision and a purpose for 3 decades with various group of people, ages and causes. I am a mom of daughters and a wife. I have both witnessed and experienced the devastating effect that even subtle acts of violence, injustice and/or equality cause. I became involved with 1Billion Rising immediately upon learning about it. It is my purpose and calling to support the feminine to fully claim, love, honor, protect our bodies, as well as to utilize our infinite power to BE the change, DANCE the change and LIVE the change we wish to see in the world. When we come together with others who are rising in any capacity, we amplify the difference we make as we co-create our world.

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