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1 Billion Rising Dance Brisbane

Australia > Brisbane > Reddacliff Place > 2015-02-14 > 10:00 am

About The Event

Let's get as many MEN and WOMEN as we can dancing on the streets of Brisbane to join the 1 billion rising around the planet: to raise awareness, raise consciousness, and raise our spirits! Rise with the 1 billion, and rock the planet with ♥ LOVE ♥ Come dressed in Red and Pink! We will dance the official 1Billion Rising Dance to the song "Break the Chain" (stay tuned for choreography rehearsals closer to the time or learn from the youtube videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRU1xmBwUeA) and will be followed by some free-form 5Rhythms dance style fun. Bring your sisters, mothers, brothers, lovers, friends, and colleagues, and let's dance our vision for a better world, a kinder world. "Mine is the art of inspiring people to turn themselves inside out, transform their suffering into art, their art into awareness and their awareness into action" ~Gabrielle Roth

About The Organizer

Honor Morningstar

Honor Morningstar is a passionate, heartfelt, and spirited dance teacher who is working for personal, community, and planetary awakening through conscious dance, and movement meditation ~ to bring deeper awareness and healing to body, heart, mind, and soul. Honor is excited to bring this event to the streets of Brisbane!

Honor teaches regular classes and workshops to inspire authentic, creative, and vibrant movement through 5Rhythms® dance in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. See her facebook page 5Rhythms Wake Up and Dance https://www.facebook.com/honorstar for more information.

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