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Italy > Portici (Napoli) > Viale L. Da Vinci > 2015-02-14 > 17:00

About The Event

SOCIAL GUERRILLA (from Guerrilla marketing) - Arciragazzi youth team will walk through the city in a silence way.The tags and the posters will talk on their side.Everyone attracted by the sentences edited on the posters,has in anyway the chance to interact with the youth team. just one logo: ONE BILLION RISING - YOUTH RISING

About The Organization

Arciragazzi Portici

Arciragazzi is a national association founded in the 1981,which promotes the Rights of Children and of Adolescence promulgated by ONU (20 November 1989) and ratified by the Italian Parliament on May 27,1991. It ensures the value and the quality of life of children and adolescents. Our objectives are primarily educational, training, promotion of wellness and prevention of various forms of malaise: they are directly or indirectly aimed at improving environmental conditions, social and cultural rights of children, boys and girls, members or at least connected to our association. We use non-formal education as a method at first impression: these methods are fundamentally guided by the language of game, universally recognized as the most natural stimulus to the participation of children and young people.
The game is organized to better interact with the city, to think about transforming it in a unique experience to design the future.
We consider the game then, as a powerful tool for civic and cultural growth, which promotes the direct participation of children and young people in the development and management of projects, activities and discussions with the authorities, schools and with the Italian and European institutions.
Arciragazzi Portici open its offices to young people to discuss about youth issues and the design of projects, offering educational support, recreational and artistic workshops.
Arciragazzi also manages projects with schools and civic institutions such as cultural exchange with EU associations and extra EU.
Our target are children and adolescents (ages 6-18) and young (19/30) with family/personality/school drop-out problems and social exclusion.
Theatre, photography, painting, video, music, cooking are even used by a “game” to reach our educational aims and goals. The staff includes also some volunteers but it is mainly leaded by social educators specialized with minors at risk.

About The Organizer

Arciragazzi Portici

Specialized in International Youth Projects designed to enhance the participation of children and young people;to support awareness campaigns and socially relevant initiatives, in cooperation with similar associations and government institutions; to promote and encourage the interpersonal dynamics with particular attention to multi-ethnic, generational, gender integration.

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