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GBV and Children Conference (3 days), Port-au-Prince, Haiti | Konferans VBG ak Timoun (3 jou), Potoprens, Ayiti

Haiti > Port-au-Prince > Hotel Karibe > 2013-10-14 > 09:00

About The Event

[English] Conference on Sexual Abuse and Children/Adolescents Oct 14-16 Hotel Karibe, Port-au-Prince, Haiti [Kreyol] Konferans sou abi seksyèl ak timoun / adolesan, Oct. 14-16, Potoprens, Ayiti

About The Organization

Ambassade de France en Haiti | Ambasad Frans an Ayiti

The French Embassy in Haiti is the diplomatic representative of the government of France in Haiti.

Ambasad Frans se represantan gouvènman Frans an Ayiti

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Embassy of France | Ambasad Frans

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