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1 Billion Rising Solidarity for Homeless Women and Girls!

United States > San Diego > Faultline Park on J Street near 14th in East Village > 2018-02-12 > 12:00 pm

About The Event

In San Diego, the highest number of reported Sexual Assaults is in East Village, Ground Zero for our Housing Disaster and increase in Homelessness. This is no coincidence -- homeless women and girls are highly vulnerable. JOIN the San Diego Housing Emergency Alliance to stand in Solidarity with our Homeless sisters and call attention to: Why women are homeless (escaping domestic violence, poverty, low wages, disability- some of whom may be related to DV); the criminalization of homelessness; the lack of investment in affordable housing; and how the affordable housing/homelessness disaster and the criminalization of homelessness impacts and endangers women and makes them more vulnerable to male violence. E.g., impounding their RVs and vehicles so they no longer have a safe place to stay. Join us at Faultline Park on J St at 14th, the only Public Park in East Village. It has been Ground Zero of conflict between Housed Residents and Unsheltered Residents -- including Public Restrooms kept locked for much of the 2.5 years this Park has been open. The restaurant/coffee shop which controlled the Public Restrooms in the Park has recently closed and now the Park is in the midst of a "Landscape Restoration". CONFIRMED SPEAKERS: Suzanne Morse, Survivor and Founder of Heartfelt Voices United Anne Rios, Executive Director, Think Dignity Genevieve Jones-Wright, Candidate for SD District Attorney PERFORMANCE by award-winning singer-songwriter Lisa Sanders. Lisa's song, Angels, was featured in the 2016 documentary, Signs of Humanity, telling the story of buying and collecting homeless signs since 1993, as part of an art project called WE ARE ALL HOMELESS. http://signsofhumanity.org/#synopsis Lisa has also organized two "AngelFests" in the past 3 years to benefit San Diego Urban Street Angels and Street of Dreams/Musicians for Education. http://www.lisasanders.com/angel_fest_2017/

About The Organization

San Diego Housing Emergency Alliance

HEMA is grassroots coalition of San Diego organizations and individuals, including people with disabilities, tenants, low wage workers, LGBTQ individuals, students, people of color who have disproportionately suffered in this economy, and people who are or have been homeless, all of whom have been impacted by the worsening housing crisis in our city and have decided to take collective action to make the fundamental changes needed to resolve this man-made disaster.

WHAT WE STAND FOR: We believe that affordable accessible quality housing is a fundamental human right that can only be met by public action and investment, rather than by primary reliance on the unregulated private market. Also, every individual and family has a right to a sustainable income, whether through a living wage job or for those who are elderly, disabled or otherwise unable to work, through increasing benefits such as SSI, Social Security, CalWORKS and General Relief so they are sufficient to pay for housing, food and other necessities of life.

Rather than spend hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for stadiums and convention center expansions serving tourists and wealthy developers, San Diego should give priority to its own residents and treat this housing emergency with the seriousness and financial commitment that it deserves.

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