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1 Billion Rising Revolution 14. 2. 2015

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About The Event

We share all our personal and intimate revolutions as individuals, together in our small city square to come together rising for a bigger revolution, to dance, drum and smile for a world without violence and full of love and compassion, justice and respect, joy and happiness for all beings.

About The Organizer

Barbara Zanoni


Barbara Zanoni is a contemporary dancer, performer, coreographer and a singer.
Her research on different languages of art incorporates dance and music, she started to perform as a professional singer in 2006, being a professional dancer since 1996. Her personal body-voice integration is peculiar in training and performing. Her pieces move around nature, sacred and female energetic and psychic territorry, Starting from archetyps and miths, proceeding often through visions, trasformations and transfigurations, she comes to dance and live music performances. Barbara works on different contemporary performing arts' languages and formats and collaborates with dancers, coreographers, musicians, composers and visual artists.
Barbara is a yogini and a teacher: she partices and teaches yoga and contemporary dance, che gives yoga and dance seminars and workshops.
In 2012 she's at Piccolo Teatro in Milan with Gerusalemme Perduta written by P.Rumiz, directed by G.Piazza, music by A.Karlic, coreography by Barbara Zanoni, in 2011 she was at Santarcangelo International Festival with her own first music project: INCANTI; in 2013/14 she creates and performs inCorpore, a choreographic project togheter with colleague Paola Ponti, ALMAWILD a music project with musicians Milko Merloni and Predrag Maric and LESIRENE (MERMAIDS) a dance and music project with musician Anna Palumbo.
She organizes OBR in her town Massa Lombarda since 2013 in collaboration with U.D.I.

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