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Israel > Eilaboun > Eilaboun's Elementary School yard > 2019-02-14 > 04:00 pm

About The Event

Palestinian women are waking up and standing together in a dance to celebrate their femininity, to remember their delicate yet huge powers deep within them, through unity. A dance done for the first time in the Palestinian society, an unusual and very daring event. Each participant is gathering so much courage to be a part of this and to support rising our voice and connecting to the global rising of women. Women of the world unite! Men are equally invited to participate; they are actually needed in order to make the balance we are craving for. People of the world unite!

About The Organizer

Meera Eilabouni

An activist through art.
Born in Eilaboun village, Palestine/Israel.
Now 25 years old and have been performing live with my music and other band's music all over the world supporting peace and women. I believe the balance of the feminine and masculine in this world is the solution to all our wars. I live it, and apread it by showing its possible.

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