“In 2020, we hear the call to rise against all forms of violence against women and girls intensifying as we see a rising trend of killings, rape, displacement in crises area and other parts of Nigeria, disruption of freedom of press and speech, disrespect for the rule of law, police brutality, rape with impunity, and femicide. We see how this violence intersects with legal restrictions to women’s sexual rights and reproductive rights of women and girls. We are feeling the effect of the climate crisis on women and children. We will be calling on the Government and agencies in Nigeria to ban the importation of hazardous substances into Nigeria, like methyl bromide which deplete the ozone layer and is hazardous to the lungs. Raising the Vibration in 2020 includes engaging men and young people in the movement to rise, connect and resist all forms of violence against women and girls which is not limited to the above mentioned but include colonization, racism, capitalism, sexism, child marriage, drug and harmful substances importation and abuse, solicitation of sex in educational institutions and work places, sex and human trafficking across the African continent.”

One Billion Rising Coordinator for Nigeria, OMODELE IBITOYE EJEH, is an activist with about 18 years of counseling experience and a counseling teacher. She is the founder of Vision for Sanity, a youth based initiative established in the year 2003, on community development, environment, health, and poverty.

Omodele is the Founder of Initiative to Resist Institutional Slavery and Exploitation (IRISE), an activist organization that focuses on women’s sexual rights and reproductive health. Through collaborations with local governments, faith based organisations, grassroot organisations, international organisations, and women leaders, Omodele has been actively working with women girls, and communities against gender based violence. In her work, Omodele also focuses on the effect of the climate crises on women and girls. She is currently working on a project called “Listening To End Abortion Stigma.”