“Our 2020 theme is ending climate crisis violence among women and girls. The floods and cyclones have affected more women and girls this last season and this resulted in food insecurity leading to poverty, child marriage, rape, and sexual harrassment. We are rising  in solidarity against racism, which is destroying our country. We stand in the face of injustice that is negatively affecting Malawi in our economic activities. We demand climate finance to reach rural women and girls. We demand our rights to have food.” 

One Billion Rising Coordinator for Malawi, ALICE KACHERE, is a small-holder farmer and President of Malawi Rural Women Assembly. She served as President of National Small Holder Farmers Association of Malawi (NASFAM) and continues with them as an advocate for women. In addition, Alice is a member of World’s Farmers Organization Women Committee. She owns a junior certificate for education and was trained as an activist.