“I fully believe that Solidarity is like Block Chain. A collective, powerfully connected, yet decentralized energy force that will serve us well in breaking through to new heights of what we can, do, and will expect from humanity and society. We will rise until the violence stops; I will rise until we get out of the collective rut of believing that violence will ever be the answer. I rise in solidarity with OBR because, when we are connected, we are a high-vibrating, powerful circuitry. I believe that, together, we can light up the dark corners in each of us, light up our communities and subsequently, the world.” – Marya Meyer

One Billion Rising Coordinator for Miami, MARYA MEYER, is a music and artist marketing executive and activist. Marya was a core organizer in the team that launched Miami’s One Billion Rising celebrations in 2013 alongside V-Board member Lisa Schejola Akin and a team of local activists. As Miami coordinator, Marya Meyer focuses locally on the greatest challenges facing the South Florida community. Principal activities include collaborative outreach to schools and the community to empower individuals with the information they need if/when gender based violence crosses one’s path.

Marya is a bilingual English/Spanish Music and Artist Marketing Executive with over 25 years of international experience in the realms of entertainment and contemporary culture. Marya is currently serving as Co-Chair of the Community Outreach Working Group of The Official Stop Sex Trafficking Campaign of the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee.