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“My revolution shows up unexpectedly
It’s not naïve but believes in miracles
Cannot be categorized targeted branded
Or even located
Offers prophecy not prescription
Is determined by mystery and ecstatic joy
Requires listening
Is not centralized though we all know where we’re going
It happens in stages and all at once
It happens where you live and everywhere
It understands that divisions are diversions
It requires sitting still and staring deep into my eyes
Go ahead

– Eve Ensler from “My Revolution Lives In This Body”

revbody-meme2In commemoration of V20, the twentieth anniversary of V-Day and “The Vagina Monologues”, V-Day and One Billion Rising are proud to present “My Revolution Lives In This Body”, a short film written by Eve Ensler, performed by Rosario Dawson (V-Day Board Member) and directed and edited by filmmaker Deborah Anderson. The film was produced by Monique Wilson and Susan Celia Swan.

20 years ago the V-Day movement came into being when people everywhere dared to say the word vagina out loud, to speak their truth and own their sexuality. “My Revolution Lives In This Body” is a call to women and men around the world to awaken their visions, dreams, desires, to be emboldened, to demand them. The film – through Eve’s words and Rosario’s brilliant vocal performance, set to imagery and footage of women from around the world – is a call to revolution and a reminder of how our bodies are intricately connected to the world at large. The future of the planet, in essence, depends on each of us.

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V-Day and OBR Activists: The short film is a great addition to your program at your benefits and Rising events!

V20: RISE 2018
In 2018, organizing a ONE BILLION RISING event or staging a V-Day benefit production of The Vagina Monologues or A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer is more than a theatrical experience; it is an ARTISTIC UPRISING, a RADICAL act, an ACT OF RESISTANCE.

Say It, Stage It – Produce a V-Day Benefit on your college campus, in your community
Rise In Solidarity – RISE in your community, for your community
Turn Pain to Power – Learn about City of Joy, Support the Women at City of Joy

Transform radical spaces. Amplify and lift up the most marginalized groups and activists in your communities. Spotlight resistance, invite local activists to share their testimonies of resistance and amplify new voices. RISE, RESIST, UNITE.