Fahima Hashim is a women’s rights defender/activist, researcher, and a trainer, currently serving as the Director for Salmmah Women’s Resource Centre. She has a Masters Degree in Documentation and Library Sciences, from Bayero University Kano, Nigeria. With over 25 years of experience in the area of gender and development, and with a special emphasis on women’s rights and sexuality, violence against women, and peace working with women youth in conflict and post conflict situation, Fahima has combined research, training, institutional development, and consultancy experience. She has also traveled extensively, and has written and researched widely in the areas of women’s rights and gender equality in Sudan. Fahima is well associated with several regional, and international networks and campaigns.  Fahima coordinated OBR in Sudan in 2013, initially estimating that perhaps 50-100 women would RISE and DANCE – over 700 women joined in on February 14 2013!